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Check out the Epic ‘Netherknight’ Reza!

Check out the Epic ‘Netherknight’ Reza!

  • Vainglory
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  • May 17, 2018

There are consequences for tarrying too long in the Netherworld. Keep reading to discover more about ‘Netherknight’ Reza’s escape from life’s pain …


  • Halo of the afflicted floats over his head
  • Skin blackened by Netherfire
  • New mighty red-hot horns sharpened into axe blades
  • Nether Fury armor with sharp blades & Death Flower ornament
  • Axe-blade boots with horned toes
  • Netherfire crystal embedded in his chest


  • Dark red ashy smoke effects
  • Glowing effects from Netherfire crystal radiates through Reza’s body, halo & eyes
  • Whispers, moans and shrieks of the dead are heard while using abilities


The Netherfire Crystal

Reza re-took his fire and his name, and at the sight of Lyra remembered love. To dull the ache of love, he wandered in the monochrome dimension longer and longer. He returned so seldom to the living world that his very heart crystallized and spilled the fire of the Nether into his veins. The dead embraced him, knighted him, outfitted him with armor and sculpted his very horns into blades.

Now, he carries his crystal heart and its smoke-red Netherfire even into the living world, and when he casts his eyes on she who he once loved, no recognition shows in his glowing gaze.

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