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Introducing the ‘Wuxia’ Ozo Rare Skin!

Introducing the ‘Wuxia’ Ozo Rare Skin!

  • Vainglory
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  • Jan 11, 2017


The long-awaited Ozo skin is here! Ozo swings into action to demand the return of his lost Carnie friend in this brand-new Wuxia style tale.



  • Dragon-head ouroboros ring with deadly saw blades
  • Super strength-building heavy arm rings
  • Topknot and red crystal headband
  • Kung fu pants and leg wraps
  • Ornate Wuxia silk robe and impenetrable leg armor
  • Lion face silk and red rope belt
  • Ringo’s gourd!


The Ring, The Gun & The Gourd

High in the trees, Ozo sailed from branch to branch, his dragon-faced metal ring looped over one shoulder. From that height, the carnival was silent and far away.

In a quiet grove below, Ringo laid on his back, snoring. Ozo dropped, bouncing weightless from tree trunk to tree trunk until he landed without sound on the leafy jungle floor.

“So you ran from the carnival and lost your honor.” Ozo swung his ring and whapped Ringo’s cheek with its flat edge.

Ringo opened one eye as an angry red mark appeared on his face. “I didn’t lose anything I needed.” He pulled his gun.

Ozo’s eyes widened. “What happened to your other arm?”

Ringo pulled the hammer of his pistol back. “Lost the wrong bet, but I can still dance. You ready to die?”

“No. It would dishonor me to fight a one-armed man.” Ozo backed away.

“Easy win for me.” The shooter stood and stretched, his drinking gourd sloshing out a spiky-smelling brew as he found his feet. He shook his head hard to loosen up the cobwebs before taking aim, one eye shut. The jungle erupted into screeching birds as the shot rang out, but Ozo leaped just in time to another tree, striking Ringo’s other cheek on his way.

“So the great Ringo, Coin Toss Champion, Star of the Big Top, is a disgrace!” Ozo cried, leaping from the tree to land a hard double-foot kick to Ringo’s belly.

“Oof,” gurgled Ringo, wavering on his feet.

Ozo bounced out of reach. “You used to be my hero.”

Ringo sighed and took aim again. “Nobody comes to the carnival to watch a one-armed shooter.”

Ozo flipped away as the bullet whizzed past his shoulder. He jumped to catch a branch and swung away as Ringo shot again. “You left the carnival because you’re ashamed.” The monkey boy bounded off of tree trunks, flying like a terrifying acrobat. “You were the best, and now you can’t even defeat a kid.”

Ringo’s bullets ping-ping-pinged off the ring as Ozo leaped, flipped and rolled on the ground, kicking up leaves, the razor-edged blades of the dragon ring turning end-over-end toward the former carnival star. The shooter caught the full force of Ozo’s tumbling bangarang ring charge. He flew back and landed hard, his gourd and pistol tumbling out of reach.

“You could be the greatest one-armed shooter in the world. Come back and prove yourself!” Ozo circled around in his ring, scooped up the sloshing gourd, and rolled away into the jungle.

“Hey… Hey! Get back here with my brew!” Ringo grasped for his gun and gave chase.

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